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The Ophthalmology Department is a specialist department saddled with the responsibility of the provision of comprehensive eye and visual examination as well as treatment and management of ocular diseases for military personnel, their families and the general public.

The department is currently located on the first floor of the hospital. The Eye Clinic receives clients from both Tri-service and civilian populace. The clinic runs from Monday to Friday and emergencies are attended to at all times. The department also maintains a high level of discipline and professionalism in provision of eye care services as well as ensuring that prompt and quality care are given to both NHIS and Fee for Service patients.

The Ophthalmology Department provides both Optometric and Ophthalmologic services. The services rendered include the following:
a. Tonometry, visual field testing and optic nerve examination for glaucoma. 

b. Biomicroscopy for cataracts, cornea or anterior segment abnormalities. 

c. Ophthalmoscopy (dilated when indicated) for vitreo-retinal examinations. 

d. Visual acuity and auto-refraction to help determine spectacle and contact lens prescription. 

e. Subjective refraction and focusing tests to ensure clear and comfortable binocular vision. 

f. Orthoptics training. 

g. Cataract Biometry. A non contact measurement of the length of the eye , size and shape of the cornea to calculate the strength the lens implant to correct vision after cataract surgery. 

h. Ultrasonography. Imaging of the inside of the eyes using ultrasound. It is used where the view inside the eyes is obscured. 

j. Gonioscopy. This is the examination of the drainage angle of the eyes. 

k. Surgical procedures for conditions requiring surgery. Some of the surgical ophthalmic services rendered include cataract surgery, pterygium excision + conjunctival autograft, eyelid repairs, excision biopsy (ocular and periocular), trabeculectomy, eviseration, enucleation, exenteration, eye Injections, globe exploration and repair among others. 


Plot 1 Archbishop Archibong Archibong Avenue
Off Murtala Mohammed Highway
Calabar, Cross Rivers State


Phone: +234 808 578 7456 


+234 808 578 7456
+234 904 775 0091


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